Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 3 Progress

One thing I've noticed both in our neighborhood and on the various Building with Ryan blogs is that the framing of the house doesn't take very long at all. Ryan seems to have the process down to a science almost and doesn't waste time putting it together. Our house has certainly been no exception. Every day I stopped by this week there was progress.

When I stopped by Monday the crew had begun building the second floor:

When I went by Tuesday the garage floor had been poured and roof trusses had been delivered:

By Wednesday the rest of the second floor above the garage had been added along with the stairs:

On Thursday afternoon the roof was on and windows had been installed:

This afternoon I got a call from the project manager letting me know framing had been completed and roofing work would proceed this weekend. Next week work will commence on installing ductwork, wiring, and plumbing with the expectation that we will have a our pre-drywall walkthrough sometime in the next ten days. 

I had a chance to walk through it this evening. It's amazing to me how far things have progressed. Just three weeks ago the lot was still bare and now we've got a framed house.

Garage with tubs, ductwork, and other fixtures sitting awaiting installation.


Standing in the living room looking towards the dining room, kitchen, and morning room.

Upstairs standing in bedroom #2 looking towards bedroom #3.

Attic access in bedroom #3. I find it a bit bizarre that it's in a bedroom but I was told there's no space to put it in a hallway like I've always seen it in every other house I've ever been in.

Standing in the master bedroom looking towards the bathrooms and other side of the house.

Master bedroom looking towards the walk-in closet (right) and laundry room. (Left.)

Looking down the hallway.

Hallway bath with the master bathroom behind it.

Bedroom #2. The window on the right is the extra one we opted to add.

Back of the house.

Back of the house.

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