Monday, January 16, 2017


As I've noted in previous posts, Jenny and I love IKEA. It's gotten to the point where nearly every room in our house has something from them. With the closest store a 90 minute trip up I-95 (assuming minimum traffic) it's generally an all day affair between the trip, assembling whatever we buy, and then being too tired to do much of anything afterward. Over winter break we made our first trip up there since last spring to pick up a few things we'd been eyeing for a while.

Earlier in the year Jenny set up a crafting area in our master bedroom using a small table and a little drawer organizer to hold her supplies. Needing more space we originally planned to get a larger desk and an additional drawer unit. But then we found this Linnmon/Alex desk/drawer combination that provided even more space and storage. On top of that, it saved us from needing to get an additional nightstand for my side of the bed. (In front of the lamp on the desk one can also spot the USB hub and dock I use for charging my Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. As an added benefit it puts the watch in nightstand mode.)

On the other side of the bed sits the Hemnes nightstand that finally completes our bedroom suite. The lamps on both sides are basic stick lamps from Target. 

A few other bigger things we picked up on this trip along with assorted minor odds and ends:

-Kallax Drawer Insert. We have the older Expedit 2x2 storage cube in the morning room that the Kallax replaced. It has the same interior dimensions however and these inserts fit perfectly. After getting home and assembling the drawers I wish I had gotten a second one along with the door insert to hide the mailing supplies that sit in one of the cubes.

-Fixa electric screwdriver. Having assembled a lot of IKEA furniture over the years inevitably my hands hurt from turning the screwdriver repeatedly. This $10 electric one was a savior this time around and slightly surprisingly even had enough torque to put screws into the aforementioned Expedit cube securing the drawer insert inside. While I've got another one of these somewhere in the garage, for $10 this was cheap enough to pick up as an extra.