Sunday, August 21, 2016

Under Cabinet Lighting

Jenny and I were in Costco this weekend when we passed by an end cap display of these remote controlled LED lights and grabbed a set of them on a bit of an impulse. (They're not showing up on the Costco website but they were about $20.) Initially it was to add a light inside the closet underneath the stairs but we also placed them under the cabinets in the kitchen and were really pleased with the results. Best of all they're remote controlled and have four levels of brightness.

I'd share a photo of the closet too but it's a bit of a mess at the moment. Suffice to say two lights in there makes a big difference. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Light Sensors

After our neighborhood experienced several car break-ins and vandalism last summer I started turning on all our exterior lights at night. (Along with the front pole light that automatically comes on at night via a sensor.) The problem has been remembering to turn them off in the mornings. (And sometimes turning them on at night for that matter.) With us leaving to go on vacation for a week earlier in the summer it became even more important to find a solution to turn them on and off automatically.

After I little searching I came across these screw in sensors and bought three of them about $10 each at Lowe's. I also had to get one shorter light bulb owing to the size of the fixtures outside the front door and garage. I set them for dusk to dawn mode and after using them for a few weeks I can say they work well. The light sensors don’t seem to be very sensitive, less so than our front pole light especially when it comes to shutting off in the morning but that’s more of a minor quibble than a real complaint.