Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Glimpse into our Future

With the kids in tow this afternoon we stopped by another identical-to-ours Sienna model under construction in our neighborhood to get a better feel for the interior dimensions. This particular house we had been in after it had been framed prior to signing our own contract but it was hard at that point to fully imagine it without the drywall up. In walking through it today we were able to better visualize where our furniture could be placed and make plans for things we need to buy. 

We also noticed things that were hard to see based on the floor plan available online. For instance the little nook that will be in our older son's bedroom is far deeper than it looks on the plans. The pantry is also smaller than what Jenny was expecting but still far bigger than what we have in our current house. And we hadn't noticed on the plans but there's no door to the mudroom so we'll have to make a better effort at keeping that area well organized since you can see everything from the living room.

We left there even more excited about our own house. It's going to be a long three months before it's completed and we're able to move in.

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