Monday, March 10, 2014

Pre-Drywall Meeting and Closing Scheduled

I met this afternoon with the project manager to do the pre-drywall walkthrough of the house. Similar to the walkthrough we did last Wednesday it was another chance to see everything done so far and prior to the hanging of drywall and ask questions. Similar to the pre-construction meeting Jenny and I read through numerous other Ryan Homes blogs to find out what to expect and questions to ask.

The major things were to double check to make sure that things such as cable and phone jacks, ceiling fan rough-ins, and similar things were installed and placed where we wanted them. Most everything else were things we went over in the walkthrough last week or even in the pre-construction meeting or subsequent phone calls with the project manager.

One thing I noticed today that I was especially impressed by was how thorough they seem to be with the energy efficiency thing. Everywhere you look there's either yellow or pink expanding insulation foam that has been used to seal every possible area where air could leak into the house. Even the electrical outlets and ceiling fan rough-ins have been sealed in this way.

Based on suggestions I received from several coworkers one thing I did today during the walkthrough was take photos of each wall to have a record of where the wires and plumbing are before they're covered up by drywall. This way if we ever want to hang a picture or something else that requires putting a nail into the wall we have a rough idea of where things are. (Along with using a stud/wire finder of course.)

Over the weekend we also received a letter in the mail with the schedule for our new home orientation meeting and closing. The former is scheduled for Tuesday April 22 and the latter for April 24. It sounds like this is pretty much set in stone at this point although after talking with my realtor the closing date might change slightly since we're using an outside law firm for settlement.

Breaker box in the garage.

Main air intake and wastewater lines.

Laundry room hook ups and plumbing for washing machine and dryer.

Upstairs central ductwork.

Upstairs bathroom plumbing.

Bedroom wiring.


  1. Wow!! You already got a closing date of April 22 or 24? That is amazing! When did they break ground on your house?

    1. April 22 is the walkthrough and April 24 is the actual closing. We're also scheduling an independent home inspection for April 21 as well. They started February 10 and it's gone quicker than we expected. We thought it would more like three months from start to finish but Ryan seems to have the process worked out to a science. They've worked most Saturdays since the beginning and the only day I really haven't seen anyone on the site is Sunday.

    2. That is awesome! Wish ours would go that fast! seems like you guys have a great PM that keeps you well informed. Ours sends an email here and there w a short update. Last we heard he is waiting on a framing crew to begin framing, it has been 10 days now w nothing!!

    3. When did yours start? Our project manager has been great. He's been calling generally once or twice a week with updates and the rare few times I've called him I've either gotten him right away or left a voicemail and he's returned my call quickly.

  2. We were scheduled to start Feb 3, then the 12th. We actually started on the 20th (due to permit delays and weather, with all the snow). So we are only 10 days behind you but seems like so much more because they have not even started framing. My PM said he will let me know once they start so that is what we are waiting on. So i guess hes not bad lol,, just not as good as yours. We are so excited and just want to get in! Or at least get an idea of when,which we should of had by now, So I am just following blogs to keep me busy lol. We are new to VA, is where you guys building close to Richmond, VA?

    1. We're right outside Richmond not far from Richmond International Airport. My wife grew up in this area while I grew up on the other side of town. We really like the area a lot. We had planned for years to move out further out into a more rural area but ultimately decided we'd rather stay close to family and have shorter commutes along with the convenience of living closer to town. What brings you to Virginia?

    2. That's cool! We are somewhat familiar with the area because my husband was in the Army and did his AIT training at Fort Lee, VA. So we were out and about in Richmond a few times. Well... Like I said my husband was in the Army, we were stationed in Fort Hood Texas, we knew he was getting out and we wanted to try somewhere new. We were somewhat familiar with the area but it was more of a spontaneous decision (based on certain things of course) and we ended up in Ashburn, VA! We love it here and that is why we have decided to build/own our fist home here!