Monday, March 2, 2015

Never Hurts to Ask

I forgot to mention one additional thing in last night's entry about the ten month review. Ryan Homes is pretty adamant throughout the process that the landscaping is one thing that is not covered by any warranty. We however had one bush (or shrub, possibly a tree, not entirely sure what to call it) that despite being right by a sprinkler head and receiving adequate water died with a few months of moving into our house. Normally this wouldn't be much of an issue but when we priced out the replacement cost it was upwards of $60-70, not expensive but not cheap either for something that should have had a longer lifespan. Towards the end of the meeting the topic of the landscaping came up and we happened to mention this to our service manager. He said he'd take care of it for us and sure enough at some point today someone had come by, dug up the dead plant, and replaced it with a new one. Thank you Mike for helping us out with this.

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