Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IKEA Finds

Jenny and I love IKEA. So much so that nearly every room in our house has something from there. A few weekends ago we made one of our semi-annual trips to the closest one in Woodbridge. Originally we had only planned on getting a linen cabinet Jenny has had her eye on for over a year now. But just like every other time we've gone up there we've inevitably left with more than we planned.

This is the linen cabinet Jenny wanted. It fits perfectly in the indentation in the dining room wall and Jenny is using it to hold her cookbooks. The doors lock with an old fashioned key which is a benefit for us because it prevents our toddler from dumping the books in the floor.

This is our master bedroom. A few years back we bought the rest of the Hemnes bedroom collection but had never gotten around to getting the bed frame. (We used a basic metal frame instead.) While we were up there this time around we discovered it was on sale so we went ahead and bought it. It's so long that we had some doubt it would fit in Jenny's RAV4 but we managed to get it home. We also finally bought curtains too. Between those and the bed frame the bedroom has been transformed.

The bed frame box was so long the end of it rested on the console between the front seats. I had to check any time Jenny changed lanes or made a left turn because it blocked her vision on the passenger side.

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