Sunday, October 19, 2014


I'm happy to say we've finally got a fence up around our back yard. One of the few things I've missed about our old house is the fenced in yard and the convenience in letting our two dogs out to run around instead of taking them out on a leash multiple times a day. Based on a recommendation from a coworker, their stellar Better Business Bureau record, and a competitive price quote I hired Russell Fence Company Inc. in Petersburg, Virginia to do the job.

About a week and a half ago they showed up one afternoon to sink the posts and then came back the following week to put up the rest. We chose a simple six foot dog eared wood fence with a four foot wide gate. It was cheaper than vinyl and Jenny and I both feel like it looks better. The only downside is it will need to be stained/sealed it in the spring (Barring a few days of warm weather this winter which isn't unheard of in Central Virginia) and then every few years after that.

The only small complaint I've got is with our neighborhood HoA. Our lot isn't very big and I would have preferred to have run the fence up to the front corners of our house so the sides would have been enclosed as well. Due to the HoA rules however it could only come up to the rear corners. Other than that we're really pleased with how it turned out and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Russell Fence to anyone else looking to get similar work done. (Edit - Read this post to see what ended up happening with Russell Fence Company. The only recommendation I can offer is stay away.) Our happy idiot cocker spaniel was ecstatic to finally be able to run free outside for the first time in six months.

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