Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear ADT Security

We received a knock on our door from an ADT Security saleswoman earlier this afternoon yet again violating the No Soliciting sign we put up earlier in the summer. In frustration dealing with a barking dog and a crying child I posted a gripe to both ADT's Twitter account and their Facebook page. A little while later I received a canned reply directing me to email the company with my concern. I'm not sure it will make a difference at this point but this is the email I sent them:

I was told in regards to a post on the ADT Facebook page to email this address with concerns I have regarding your door-to-door salespeople. Hanging very prominently next to my front door is a "No soliciting" sign that was put there in part due to so many visits by people from your company. Yet for some reason your sales representatives either cannot read, don't understand what the word soliciting means, or simply choose to ignore it. The latest violation occurring this afternoon around 2:15pm. I did not answer the knock on the door but the woman left her ADT card:

[Sales representative's info on the business card was here.]

Your chances of getting me to switch security providers at this point are non-existent due to these repeated violations of the simple request on my sign. Furthermore you can be assured that should the topic of security companies come up in conversation with anyone I know the feelings I share about ADT will not be kind ones. If representatives of your company cannot even read or pay attention to a simple no soliciting sign how can they be trusted to watch over my home?



At the very least I hope they enjoy a bit of bad publicity from me posting this. 

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